Suiseki Garden stones

Helsinki - Nordkap - Tromsyo

July - August, 2005

Finland.Helsinky. On July, 22nd 2005г.

City park. A kind to gulf of Finland.

Capital of Lapland - Rovaniemi.

In residence Santa Klaus

Santa Klaus on a place - summer!

To the right you will go - on cape Nordkap you will get.

We cross a line of the Polar circle

Norwegian - the Finnish border

Coast of northern Norwegian fiords

It is felt, that it though also southern coast, but northern ocean

To get through a tunnel laid on a bottom of the sea.

«Stop! Here the geography end. Stop! Here the geography end. GEOGRAPHY ….»

Island Mageryoja fiords

Porsanger a fiord

Alta a fiord

In a museum of rock paintings in of the Alto

Суйсеки «Petroglifs Altos»

Reisa a fiord

Crossing from Olderdallen through Lyngenfjorden in Lyngseidet



Port Tromsyo

Monument to R.Amundsen

On island Kvalej