Suiseki Garden stones

Sognefjorden - Bergen - Oslo - Stockholm - Turku - Russia

Here it Jostedalsbreen

And it Nigardsbreen

Suiseki "Glacier Jostedalsbreen"

Streams of water from a thawing glacier even from a granite turn freakish forms

Suiseki "Glacial bed Nigardsbreen"

Through Sognefjorden. From Hella - in Vangsness

Southern coast Sognefiorda Viksoiry

It is all 13th road

Result of destructive work of river Strondaelvi

Falls Tvinnefoss


The fish market

Evening Bergen. The top view.

Falls Foss over vei

Bruravik - Brimnes

Hardanger - mountain plateau at height 1800м

It is stretched from Oslo to Bergen,

...where forms abrupt descent with two (!!!) passable footpaths »R.Amunsen

Well-known structure Gardnos. Here - the meteorite Explosion from it 650 million years ago has fallen was equal to several thousand nuclear bombs. The meteorite has evaporated. The crater from it had diameter more than 5 km. The rivers and glaciers for millions years have washed off many hundreds metres of deposits on a crater. As a result it became visible Gardnos брекчия much more below the initial basis of a crater

Capital of Norway - Oslo

The queen of Norway Maud

In museum Fram

Once behind this steering wheel stood Nansen and Amundsen

Sweden. Port Stockholm

The ferry "Siliy Line"

Through gulf of Bothnia

Finland. Port of Turku

In a camping near of Turku

On the bank of gulf of Bothnia

Results of work of glaciers over a granite

Heynevasi A Novovalaamsky monastery

The native land!!!