Suiseki Garden stones


July 2010

Under a wing of the plane Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The main sight of a city - the former residence of the Japanese governor

Kind on a city from mountain "Bolshevik"

To sea of Okhotsk through pass Nevelsky

Coast near Nevelsk

.... Outflow....

Along coast by Holmsk. "Oo, roads..." - "russian" a song


One of numerous Sakhalin monuments to "the flooded ships"

Mouth of the next river, with rolling a stone material

Attractive stones here it has not appeared, but there is "seafood"!

Holmsk. A kind from the north.

Through Holmsky pass to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The zone of hire of the car on Sakhalin is limited from the north н.п. The beach and from the West of Holmsk, therefore the further movement on island was carried out by all possible ways: on foot

"Self-locking device"

. And by rail

Spending the night on a place of the former Muravevsky post.

There is a good stone material

Surprising finds

Village Penza …. Has begun with it ….

… so is today ….

ALeksandrovsk Sakhalinsky

The first port which has arisen on island.

And again "monuments"....

In museum of Chekhov

Unexpected "exotic" - the house "inlaid" with multi-coloured beer stoppers

Main sight Aleksanrovsk-Sahalinska - rocks «Three brothers»

In two kilometres from port cape Zhonkier with the well-known tunnel. During pass inflow on coast is not present

Huge prints of fossils in coastal exposures

Well-known «Landsberg tunnel».

The rivers and small rivers in the south of island Sakhalin

Search in one shoaled river channel

Excellent finds!