Suiseki Garden stones


Kind on a volcano from the party of Kunashirsky passage

Hot streams following from сольфатарного fields

"Rivers Kiselnye"....

... "Dairy coast"...

Сольфатарное a field on a volcano slope

Сольфатары - streams of sulphurous gas and hydrogen sulphide c an impurity of steams of water, carbonic, etc. the gases, allocated from small channels and трещинок in a crater and on slopes of volcanoes, from лавовых and пирокластич. Streams. Temp-pa C. 100-300°C

Further, to the top, impassable thickets cedar стланника

The bear track has appeared unique possibility to move ahead through these thickets

Someone's label on this "direction". Means people here all the same already were...

Kind from volcano top on airport Mendeleevo runway

The coming in the land plane is visible. We stand above, than planes fly!

Kind from volcano top on сольфатарное a field.

Top of a volcano of Mendeleyev

On Kunashirsky base of institute of sea geology and geophysics. Volcanist Raphael Zharkov.