Suiseki Garden stones


To road ObychnyjPo on a volcano Baransky

One of numerous natural phenomena of island - the Boiling river of a volcano Baransky. Nearby from here cold coast of Pacific ocean, therefore shooting occurred in the conditions of a fog.

It is formed by the hot sources having temperature about 90 degrees.

On the average a watercourse water already a little cooled down, and its temperature makes, on our sensations 40-45°С

Some hundreds metres of a rough hot stream with set of falls and baths of a natural origin.

Natural hydromassage. And so effective, that "shower Sharko" in comparison with it - "has a rest"

Water contains many acids and at hit on mucous at once starts to be burnt. It is necessary to bathe having closed a mouth and eyes.

Ears "fly away"!

Excellent sensations! Water here really curative!

But here the camera of these curative evaporations has not sustained.

And to remove has stopped...