Suiseki Garden stones


Automobile race Kurilsk - Dobrynin's bay. Distance to a bay 62км. Movement on two cars - Kamaz and Ural.

"Road" on a sandy strip along a surf line.

Another in general is not present!

In some places of coast there are "clips".

To slip them it is possible only during outflow, on boulders, stones and breakages.

On such are capable only Ural with Каmaz!

One of is more tremendous beautiful places of island - White rocks.

These are the exits of the pumiceous breeds which have been cut up by streams in freakish forms.

Aside from coast "road" looks like a deep ditch.

July on island is not a tourist season. Constant rains and fogs. Below lake Sopochnoe.

Absolutely "edge"! Even Кamaz with Ural "have sat down". It was necessary to cause the tractor...

Dobrynin's bay....

.... In all protogenic charm.

Every possible magnificent forms!

Something from mineralogical exotic: prolayers silicons scarlet colour...

... Chalcedonies...

... Agate!