Suiseki Garden stones


Unique highway on island Malokurilsky - Krabozavodsky. On foot in the most distant point of island - bay Delfin

Typical landscape of island - smooth mountains, woods and meadows from a bamboo.

Giantism of some grassy plants of island. Amazes with the sizes белокопытник, in August it reaches 3 metres of height, with diameter of leaves to one and a half-two metres

Well-known ipritka.

The unique way to the Dolphin a bay is transformed by jeeps into a ditch. But also it is not visible, that someone here went..... This year.

The way passes through mountain top Flat where the strong wind because of which birches have turned to snags constantly blows.

"Well, all.... Further only America...."

Stones on coast of this bay are not present..... And fresh water too....

Here the next cyclone for days has tired out us in tent...

To come back back again it is necessary on a grief Flat

And here... Blows off..., сыро, and it is cold...

And absolutely nearby, below, - summer! Warm!

In total 3км from an ocean coast...

Bay Crab

On the bank of a bay there are beautiful dark green кремни, mountains arriving here from slopes Gorobets

Various mineralogical exotic on the bank of a bay.

Prolayers green silicon

Exit in ocean...

At last there was "Hope"!

Good-bye Malokurilskoe!

Good-bye Shikotan!

We leave to Kunashir!